Legal issues within the family can be a very difficult topic. But they’re all too common. The processes of divorce can be rather tricky to navigate, and decisions about child custody and division of assets can cause further tension among family members. Having seasoned attorneys helps things go smoother. At the Byrnes Law Firm, we understand that you want to put this situation behind you as quickly as possible and move on with your life. Our expert family legal team will ensure that your best interests are looked after every step of the way.

Family Law in Missouri

Missouri is a no-fault divorce state. When a marriage is broken beyond repair, it is not necessary to prove that one spouse is to blame for the breakdown in the marriage. Adultery, abuse, or other negative activities do not need to occur for divorce, but they can be used in matters of child custody, property division, and settlements.

Practice Areas

The Byrnes Law Firm is experienced in helping our clients through all facets of divorce. Our family law attorneys are well-versed in:

Alimony or Spousal Payments

In many instances, the State of Missouri aims to divide property obtain during marriage equally, but this is not always the case. The lawyer at the Byrnes Law firm will help in negotiations to ensure you’re treated fairly.

If you’re facing a divorce, the Byrnes Law Firm team can help. We’re more than happy to answer any questions and provide real solutions for moving forward.
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    - Joel Wallschleager
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