recalling warrants in St. Charles

Are you afraid a warrant for your arrest has been issued? Warrants can be issued for a Failure to Appear (FTA) for missed court dates, failure to pay all fines or if a new criminal charge or probation violation has been filled. When an active arrest warrant is verified by the police, they will arrest you immediately once you are located regardless of poor timing or minor violations such as unpaid traffic fines.

However, an experienced criminal defense attorney can help. If you believe you have an active warrant for your arrest, call our office immediately at 636-896-4300. Bill Byrnes will advise you on the next steps of your case at no charge. Many times he can enter as your attorney by sending a notice to the court and request the warrant is recalled on the same business day.

What Clients Say

  • You were always my go to. Thanks for taking care of me, and caring that I could take care of myself!
    - Matthew Krueger
  • Being in a courtroom can be very scary, unfortunately I speak from experience. Best feeling in the world is not having to worry when you know you have Bill in your corner!
    - Joel Wallschleager
  • This will be my next lawyer if I ever need one. I have seen him in action in Warrenton. If anyone ever needs a lawyer and cannot find his number let me know. It’s on my refrigerator!
    - Elaine Frei