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Have you been convicted of drug possession and are now looking for a defense attorney? If you live in the St. Charles, MO, area and need a reliable legal officer to represent you in a court of law, the Byrnes Law Firm is your best choice. Missouri drug law is different than the drug laws of other states, as the charges are not determined based on the substance and its legal status, the amount in your possession*, etc. Possession of any prohibited substances is automatically labelled as a Class C Felony, which could result in 7 years in prison as well as a monetary penalty of up to $5,000.

*The only exception to this rule is the possession of marijuana: 35 grams or less could result in a misdemeanor with up to one year in prison and a fine of $1,000. Any amount above 35 grams is upgraded to a felony with much more serious consequences.

Criminal Consequences of Conviction

If you are charged with drug possession, the most important thing to remember is that you are legally entitled to have your attorney present during any communication—whether verbal or written—with an officer. Your St. Charles, MO, lawyer will provide prompt and reliable legal advice to help you protect yourself or a loved one during an investigation or arrest for the illegal possession of drugs. In fact, Bill Byrnes’ most recent success involved 84 pounds of marijuana found in a vehicle trunk. The out of state driver was charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute. In the end, it was amended to possession with a fine. Bill Byrnes’s client was released in a matter of days. Being well versed in illegal search and seizure, produces this type of documented success. To protect you against drug charges, you must know:

What We Can Do For Your Drug Charge

As a leading drug defense attorney, Bill Byrnes, has represented clients across Missouri. Whether arrested or under investigation for illegal drugs you need immediate legal advice that will protect you or your loved one’s defense. Many people who wait to call a drug defense lawyer make big mistakes, which include:

If you want a qualified and experienced Drug Defense Lawyer to explain your best plan of defense and the process, call Bill Byrnes of Law Firm LLC. For more information on drug possession charges and/or if you would like us to prepare your defense, contact the Byrnes Law Firm today! Our lawyer’s office can be reached by phone or through our online contact form. We provide FREE and confidential initial consultations.

What Clients Say

  • You were always my go to. Thanks for taking care of me, and caring that I could take care of myself!
    - Matthew Krueger
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    - Joel Wallschleager
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