Bond Reduction Hearing vs. Hiring a Bail Bondsman

Bond Reduction Attorneys will explain why you should first consider a bond reduction and then explain the role of bond assignments. Calling a Lawyer for a bond reduction hearing before calling a bondsman is always wise.

bail bond reduction

A lawyer can send a notice to court requesting a bond reduction hearing. Byrnes Law Firm does these on a daily basis for clients. Our first argument is for an own recognizance release, which means you or your loved one could get out of jail without paying any bond. The next approach is to ask for a bond reduction and/or a smaller percentage of the total bond be paid. Additionally, if any bond amount is paid, we will accept a bond assignment.

A bond assignment is a legally binding contract that states all or a portion of the attorney’s fee will be paid at the close of the case out of the posted bond. The court files this document. At the close of the case, the court sends a check for the agreed portion of the bond determined to go toward our legal fee to our office. You, the client, will then be entitled to the remaining balance of the bond. A bond assignment allows the legal fees to be paid out of the bail money being held by the court. It also enables your loved one to have immediate legal counsel with less upfront expenses. Please note, if the legal fee is higher than the bond, payment plans and payment options can be discussed.

Generally speaking, we believe this is the most financially sound approach to getting bond posted and acquiring legal representation. Otherwise, you are hiring a bondsman and then hiring a criminal defense attorney. When you hire a bondsman, the bail bondsman will charge a percentage of the total bond, called a bond premium. This can be a large out of pocket expense and is non-refundable. You will still have to hire legal representation.

In some cases there is no way around the need for a bondsman. Call our office 24 hours a day at 636-896-4300. We will help you determine which course of action is the most financially sound.

What Clients Say

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